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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Splish Splash!

The Preschool Year is over.  I have one more month of Tues/Thurs with the kiddos, but the month of June is Summer Camp - shorter days, no lunch, and planned curriculum.  I'm so excited to focus on the love of Jesus with the kids this month.  Not that we don't have a Bible Story each week during the school year, but our Summer Camp is more like a MDO VBS for toddlers-five year olds.  It's going to be fun.

Both kids had Splash Day this week.  I was able to attend Cayden's for a few moments, and I volunteered at Hannah's for the entire time.  We had lots of fun.  It's my goal to be more active and spend more time outside.  The weather this week has been BEAUTIFUL.  Of course, my body decided that it was time to be sick, and so during the middle of the week, I was in bed sick.  But just one day in bed and a couple days to take it slow (one happened to be the last day of preschool) and I was pretty much a new woman.  I even exercised for 30 minutes four times this week and 50 one time.  And as a new week began today according to my WW weigh ins - I got a 45 minute workout in today.  And I'm sore and tired and know that I'm living  my life as a fit and healthy person!

Okay, on to the Splash Day photos.  I would have never thought to have shaving cream at splash day, but the kids LOVED it.  Made the kiddie pools kinda gross, but hey, they had a blast!

Cayden's Day - Splashing, Sprinkler, Shaving Cream, and Sidewalk Chalk.



Hannah's Day - Popsicles, Shaving Cream, Watermelon and the Splash Rocket (which we brought - a HUGE hit with the kids and teachers).  And since I was manning the rocket, Ms. A took photos.  There's even one of me, and it's not too bad. . .I'm hot, sweaty, and really white, but I'm happy to have a picture of Hannah and me together at one of her events.


DSCN8822 DSCN8820

DSCN8831  DSCN8829 DSCN8832

And finally, Hannah wiped out and taking a break.


Lots of fun.  Tuesday is track and field day.  Should be another fun day outside.


Nicole H. said...

Super cute!!! Looks like the kids had so much fun. I love, love, love the new papers on the blog. Are they yours?

Paulina said...

I remember having shaving cream at splash day at Mother's Day Out at our church when I was a kid. It may have been called "mud day;" my memory is failing a bit on that front. But I remember hoses and kiddie pools and a table for making mud pies and having shaving cream available as part of that. And we were allowed to "wash" the teachers' cars, too.