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Friday, August 14, 2009

The End of Summer

We are in our last 1 1/2 weeks of Summer Vacation.  As slowly as it seemed to move on some days, it really went by quickly.  And in the end, my Pap went to be with Jesus, my daughter lost 3 teeth and turned 6, and my son learned to swim.  It's been quite a ride, with plenty of laughter as well as tears.  God is good.

Stephen and I are planning a trip to the Florida Keys for our 10 year anniversary.  Our good friend, Darin, is going to finish both the wall and floor in the living room and build us a new fence (for a fee, of course).  Hannah is going to 1st grade and Cayden will head to the 3's class.  We're ready as we can be.  I cannot wait to see what blessings the Lord shares with us this coming school year.


Our swimming friends - the girls who convinced me to enroll Cayden


One month ago, Cayden could not swim without his life vest.  In fact, he was afraid to go in the water without it on unless he could touch the bottom of the pool.  We still had tons of fun at the pool, but my concern was that he'd never had formal swimming lessons.  Hannah took a couple years of lessons at the YMCA, not that she can swim, but still, Cayden had nothing.  I got word of a lady who gives swim lessons out of her home - www.mscathyswimaustin.com - and after seeing several friends of Cayden's swimming, we decided to give it a shot.  The first few days were rocky, but after that, Cayden is a little fish - a fearless fish, which is a little nerve racking, but a fish nonetheless.  We will return to Ms. Cathy for a refresher course next year and will recommend her for anyone who has children (especially young children - even under 1 year old). 

After 4 days of lessons

DSCN0111 DSCN0118

Ms. Cathy


After 7 lessons



DSCN9995     DSCN9999