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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New School Year

Summer is officially over around here.  Hannah headed back to school on August 24 with Cayden and me following on September 8.  Unlike me, I didn't think to take pictures of Hannah on her first day.  I got the traditional "photo with the teacher" at Meet the Teacher so I just left my camera at home. 

Then everyone started posting photos of their kiddos on their first day.  Crazy, I thought.  Do people really take photos of their kids EVERY year?  Apparently, everyone does.  I didn't get any photos of Hannah on her first day, but how many people out there got THIRD day photos?  And isn't she darling??   LOL

067 068 DSC_0001

Now Cayden, I remembered to take the camera and take his picture.  Of course I now look like I favor the boy, but that's okay, some days, I do.  Cayden's first day of school this year was completely different than last year.  Although I got an adorable photo of him proudly standing with his lunchbox and one of him happily standing with his teacher, getting away from him last year was torture.  They had to peel him away from me as he kicked and screamed.  And then I just had to walk away from it all because I had my own class to tend to. 

This year was completely different, my sweet boy would not let me take his photo outside the school.  In fact, he walked away from me, nap mat in hand, and headed to the school building.  Once inside, he proceeded to find the trains and play on his own, barely stopping for the traditional "photo with the teacher."  And in fact, we only got a photo with the Assistant Teacher.  A photo with his lead teacher had to wait until the 2nd day of school, and even THAT took an act from above.  But I got it.  Along with a few photos of him with his little friends, although not his GIRLFRIEND.  Sadly, she has moved to a different school.  But Cayden has not forgotten her, nor will he "replace" her.  I've asked him to give both these little girls kisses and he says, "But I can't. . . R is my girlfriend."  Sigh


 DSC_0003Crocs (30)

Crocs (32) Crocs (35) Crocs (34)

So the school year has begun.  And it's off to a great start.  A bit more homework.  Two children who are exhausted at the end of the day.  Perhaps an earlier bedtime coming soon.  Regardless, a great start!


Traci said...

Love the pics of Cayden and his little people ... they're so cute! Amazing how much they change from 3 yrs Yikes!