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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas at our House

We spent the Sunday after Thanksgiving decorating our home for Christmas.  Between travelling and photo shoots, I honest believed we weren’t going to get the tree up over our long weekend.  But thanks to Stephen, we got the tree up, strung with lights (yes, our pre-lit tree is no more – a new tree is in our near future), and trimmed by Sunday evening. 

It is Hannah’s year to top the tree.  Cayden decided to get naked for the trimming.  Those photos are not allowed to be shared online.  We did get a few of him in his pull up before putting on PJs



McIntyre Christmas Corner


A few special ornaments




This ornament is from the year that Granny passed away.  It means even more this year, now that PapPap has passed on.  I really miss him.  I missed receiving his Christmas card right after Thanksgiving.  I just miss him in general.


And not that we don’t love Cayden, but for some reason, I couldn’t find his ornament.  I know we made a handprint one the year he was born.  I feel like a bad mom!

This is one of my favorite ornaments, give to me by the Taylor Family (Zion, Walburg) in 2002.  Yes, our household believes in the magic of Santa.  Please do not try to convince us otherwise.  My kids know it’s “magical” (not pretend) and also know the true meaning of the season – Jesus’ birth.



Anonymous said...

Rose . . . how fun!!

I love the wreath with the two of you on it. Is that from yall's first Christmas together as husband and wife?

And the hand print(s)--what a great idea--I've never seen that before. And, losing one ornament--even a special one--does not make you a bad mom.

Joey and Paul--are these miscarriages or ???