Pieces of Me

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Rant

I opened an account with Guaranty Bank last year because I was tired of driving up north to our Credit Union to deposit my check.  For a while, I had just been cashing it, but then they started talking about having to pay fees for just cashing my check, so I decided to go ahead and just open an account.  And then they were bought out by BBVA Compass. 
Dealing with bank mergers is no fun to begin with, but today, I am absolutely furious and not much further now than I was at noon.
You see, lately, when I deposit my check, I have to tell them that my check is from Guaranty/Compass Bank because they don’t pay attention to the check to begin with.  If you deposit a check and it’s not from Guaranty/Compass, they hold it for 48 hours.  So I always mention to make sure not to hold my check because it is indeed from the same bank, hence why I opened the account.
Yesterday I did so and was assured that everything was okay.  I went about the evening making purchases.  And when I logged in this morning, my account was negative.  Of course, I find my receipt and pick up the phone, spending nearly an hour on the phone, during a lunch date with BFF, Crystal, and continue to wait for answers.  Turns out, they have no idea what happened to the check.  Their log says it was deposited, and yet the bank itself says it wasn’t.  And I have a receipt which says it was.  So now??  The branch manager credits my account “for today” while they look into it, but wants to make sure I understand that at midnight, if my check is still lost, the account will go negative and I’ll be hit with fees, which they assured me will be taken care of tomorrow. 
I’m just frustrated.  I’m upset that this happened to begin with.  I’m upset that I just ended a sentence with a dangling participle (I think that’s what it’s called).  I’m upset that I spent quality girlfriend time on the phone and not chit chatting with Crystal.  I’m just upset.
And to top off my day, I slipped and fell on my knee/butt while holding Cayden so my body is really going to be hurting tomorrow.
But I digress.  Tomorrow is a new day.  It’s Easter Party/Egg Hunt in preschool.  And then we have a 3 day weekend (well, Hannah has a 3 day weekend).  And we’re going to spend some time outside with family and friends.  And take some more wildflower photos.  I cannot wait!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night Terrors

Cayden has been experiencing night terrors.  After several hours of sleep, he begins to scream inconsolably for 20-30 minutes.  During this time, we do everything we can do wake him up.  Sometimes he talks to us.  Sometimes he appears to be awake but isn’t.  And sometimes he just cries for what seems like forever. 
Hannah had night terrors every now and then, but she would just scream out in the middle of the night and then be fine.  With Cayden, it is a terrible ordeal that not only interrupts his and my sleep, but also really upsets the mommy. 
I know it’s part of growing up and that most kids go through it, but there is nothing like watching your child scream and toss about in sheer terrible and not be able to stop it. 
It’s effecting not only our nights, but also our days.  There are times when I wander about like a zombie because I’m so tired.  And you can tell that Cayden isn’t getting a good night’s sleep.  He’s cranky, rude, and just tired.  Of course, there are times when I am cranky, rude, and just tired.  We make a good pair.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can’t believe it’s Spring

Spring is finally here in Austin.  At least it was here for Spring Break.  What a GORGEOUS week to spend with my family.  zoo 099 copy
The week wasn’t 1/2 bad either.  Not too much bickering from the kiddos.  A couple of play dates with friends, and then two weeks days with Dad made for a fun week.  The only day that the weather didn’t cooperate was on Tuesday – and the rains came down. 
We did okay though, had a movie day inside.
Photography business is going well.   I’m enjoying capturing other peoples blessings.  Anyway I can help to preserve a memory in time is a blessing to me.
I did decide to get the week started off well.  All of Hannah’s clothes for the week have been selected and folded neatly into a pile.  All this week’s meals have also been planned.  Stephen will head to the grocery store later.  I’m thankful that he will go for me.  I dread the grocery store. 
I also dread little girls with big bad attitudes.  We have been really working on how we talk to Mommy and Daddy.  She doesn’t seem to give any other adults the ‘tude.  Just her parents.  And it’s unacceptable. 
Overall, we’re having a great Spring.  I cannot wait for the wildflowers to be in full bloom.  We’ve seen them start to spring up here and there.  Austin is going to be beautiful – which is great since last year they were a flop. 
Let’s see if I can wrap up the past few months.
  • It snowed in Austin for the first time since 2003.  We had record lows in January (for my birthday) but only got snow once.
SNOW! 043 copy
  • Preschool has been so much fun.  I’m enjoying getting to know not only my students and their families, but also the parents and children in Cayden’s class.  It’s nice to have friends with children of the same age.
058 copy
  • Hannah has been loving first grade.  She’s doing really well and even wrote and illustrated a book.  One of these days, I’ll get around to scanning it for all to read.  She loves to write me notes and draw.
077 copy
  • Hannah finished her marathon in February and got her medal.  I’m so proud of that girl.  She really worked hard.  And she wants to run more.  Of course, she also wants to be a figure skater when she grows up.

  • Cayden loves to sing and dance.  He is a little obsessed with Phineas and Ferb as well as Alvin and the Chipmunks.  In fact, for his birthday this year, we’re having a Chipmunk Party.  He had the opportunity to see Sesame Street Live with his Mammaw.  He loved it!!

  • We got a “new” couch, a new refrigerator, and new thresholds for our living room floors.  I love them all.  I also finished painting the kitchen.  Now all we need to do is add some bead board.  One day, when we have $$.
  • We also got a new dog.  So now our family no longer outnumbers the animals.  We are even.  She’s a sweetheart Chihuahua named Sesi who meshes very well with our family. 
  • Hannah learned to cross the monkey bars without any help.  This is a HUGE since in February she wasn’t able to do it.  Of course, Daddy gave her a buck for doing it.  The power of a dollar.
  • Cayden runs around with no pants on a daily basis (he does have underwear on).  He also insists on wearing it backwards because he can see the “picture” on them.  Of course, the one photo I have of him and he’s got them on the right way.
001 copy
  • I started running again (TODAY).  I want to run a 1/2 marathon at the beginning of next year and need to really get into shape.  But I have a great new friend who is going to run right along with me after her precious baby girl is born.  I’m excited to have a running buddy. EllaMae_Shower21a
  • And for once, I see the light at the end of this weight loss tunnel.  I’m hoping to lose 30 lbs by Summer’s end.  I’ve got more to lose, but 30 lbs is a start.
This blog is dedicated to Traci.