Pieces of Me

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Rant

I opened an account with Guaranty Bank last year because I was tired of driving up north to our Credit Union to deposit my check.  For a while, I had just been cashing it, but then they started talking about having to pay fees for just cashing my check, so I decided to go ahead and just open an account.  And then they were bought out by BBVA Compass. 
Dealing with bank mergers is no fun to begin with, but today, I am absolutely furious and not much further now than I was at noon.
You see, lately, when I deposit my check, I have to tell them that my check is from Guaranty/Compass Bank because they don’t pay attention to the check to begin with.  If you deposit a check and it’s not from Guaranty/Compass, they hold it for 48 hours.  So I always mention to make sure not to hold my check because it is indeed from the same bank, hence why I opened the account.
Yesterday I did so and was assured that everything was okay.  I went about the evening making purchases.  And when I logged in this morning, my account was negative.  Of course, I find my receipt and pick up the phone, spending nearly an hour on the phone, during a lunch date with BFF, Crystal, and continue to wait for answers.  Turns out, they have no idea what happened to the check.  Their log says it was deposited, and yet the bank itself says it wasn’t.  And I have a receipt which says it was.  So now??  The branch manager credits my account “for today” while they look into it, but wants to make sure I understand that at midnight, if my check is still lost, the account will go negative and I’ll be hit with fees, which they assured me will be taken care of tomorrow. 
I’m just frustrated.  I’m upset that this happened to begin with.  I’m upset that I just ended a sentence with a dangling participle (I think that’s what it’s called).  I’m upset that I spent quality girlfriend time on the phone and not chit chatting with Crystal.  I’m just upset.
And to top off my day, I slipped and fell on my knee/butt while holding Cayden so my body is really going to be hurting tomorrow.
But I digress.  Tomorrow is a new day.  It’s Easter Party/Egg Hunt in preschool.  And then we have a 3 day weekend (well, Hannah has a 3 day weekend).  And we’re going to spend some time outside with family and friends.  And take some more wildflower photos.  I cannot wait!