Pieces of Me

Monday, April 5, 2010

Elephants are extinct?

Actual conversation between my children this afternoon -

Hannah: Cayden, do you want me to read you this book?  It's about animals that are extinct.
Cayden: You don't need to read it.  I know what animals are 'stinct.
Me: Right, animals like the dinosaurs.  Ones that are no longer living.  Hannah, what other animals are extinct?
Cayden: I know, I know
Hannah: I'm not sure.  This book is about animals who are IN DANGER
Cayden: I know, I know
Hannah: What?  What animals are extinct?
Cayden: Elephants
Hannah: No, elephants are NOT extinct
Cayden: Yes, yes they are
Hannah: No, they are not
Me: No, Cayden, there are still elephants, but some are endangered
Cayden: YES!  Yes, elephants are.  Elephants stink.  Yes, they do!