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Friday, April 16, 2010

It’s Hip to Be Square

Each week, Cayden has show and tell and school.  For 23 weeks, we brought a letter to school.  The last week, we chose between X, Y, and Z.  After the alphabet, Cayden’s teachers moved on to shapes.  Last week we had to take a circle show and tell.  I have no idea what Cayden took because I stayed home on show and tell day.  This week, our required item needed to be in the shape of a square.
Wednesday evening, I asked Cayden what he would like to take for show and tell.  I told him it needed to be in the shape of a square.  His response?  “Paper is square.” 
At this point, I took out a sheet of paper and said, “Cayden, this isn’t a square.  What shape is this?”  He responded, “It’s a rectangle.” 
Okay, so I started going through things with him.  Here is our conversation”
“Look Cayden, look at this book.  It’s about Elmo.  And it’s a square.  Would you like to take this?”
“Paper is square.”
“Cayden, we already talked about that.  Paper is a rectangle.  Oooh, look at this.  This is a box.  Isn’t this cool?  It’s a square.  Would you like to take this?”
“Paper is square.”
At this point, I don’t even remind him that the paper is a rectangle, I just move on to another item.  “Cayden how about this bolt.  This bolt is square. Would you like to take this?  Or this block?  This block is square.”
“Paper is square.”
“Cayden, we have already gone over this.  Paper is not a square.  Paper is a rectangle.”
And then his reply, the one that made the decision for his show and tell, and shut me up, “You can cut it.  You can make it into a square.”
So Cayden look a black sheet of paper that we cut into a square for show and tell.  Why?  Because the child who was insisting that paper is a square, finally made his mommy feel like a dingaling (not that I would EVER tell him that).  He knows his shapes.  And he wanted to take a piece of paper.  It’s always the simplest things that make them happy, right?


Traci said...

Guess Mom needs to work on thinking outside the box, a bit ;-)