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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Joys of Home Ownership and Home Cooked Meals

In the past month, we have experienced the joys of owning our own home. 
  • Our fence is falling down (again)
  • Our lawn continually needs to be mowed (and weeded), and I broke the lawn mower
  • Our refrigerator died, and with the help of my loving sister, we were able to replace it
  • Our a/c condenser stopped working, and with the help of a good friend, we were able to diagnose and will hopefully get it running again today!
Of course, we are so blessed to have people in our lives to help us when we need it.  But this has taught us that we cannot continue to live paycheck to paycheck.  We have made poor choices with our finances and are continuing to struggle.  Last week, I made a commitment (and talked to Stephen about it) and things are now going to change. 
For one, we are not eating out for 30 days.  That alone will help us build our emergency fund again.  It’s been a while since we’ve had one, but we’re going to get it back into play so that we are able to take care of ourselves when crises arise.  Once that fund is in place, we will start to aggressively pay off our debt and become debt free.  We are going to live by Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University again – no questions asked.  We are making this a part of our life.
Of course, last night was a little stressful not knowing what was wrong with the A/C.  Usually we would just stress out, go out, and eat away our sorrows.  Not last night.  My mom offered to come and take the kids so we accepted and then worked out a plan of action.  Nothing could be done until our friend called us back so it was silly to freak out.  I did eat a package of Pretzel M&Ms (I got my free sample in the mail and yummo!) but because I had stuck to my meal plan all week, I had extra points I could eat.  It was nice. 
I made it through an entire week without taking a trip to Sonic.  I had 1/2 coke on Thursday at school when my headache became so unbearable that I needed some caffeine.  Coffee was a luxury this week, too.  I’m proud of myself because I made a commitment and have thus far stuck to it.  Isn’t that what a commitment is anyway?  So I will continue to stick with this plan – it’s working – I just pack the kids snacks and water, pack myself snacks and water, and eat at home.
Dinners this week were very good and very big.  I only cooked twice – I made enchiladas and pot pie, and we ate leftovers the other days.  And it was okay.  They loved the pot pie, and I loved the enchiladas.  We still have a couple meals left for the week since I didn’t have to cook them all.  Both the above meals feed 8 or more (well my kids don’t eat a lot).  We didn’t have a single chicken nugget in our house this week (my kids were treated to Chick Fil A by my mom last night) and they are both asking for water over anything else to drink.
So although I’ve yet to watch Jamie Olliver’s Food Revolution, I’ve heard enough about it to realize that America is making our kids fat.  We are doing this to ourselves and our children.  I am doing this to myself and my children.  And it has to stop.  It’s just not okay to eat the way we were eating.  I’ve always prided myself that my kids will eat whatever is put in front of them, meaning they have a great palate.  They will eat something they’ve never had before.  A friend and I were talking about how our kiddos will not just eat the “American” option of school lunch.  Hannah chooses tacos over a hamburger or enchiladas over chicken fingers.  But my children will also eat EZ Mac or Chicken Nuggets all day every day if I let them.  They are kids.  I’m happy to say that it’s time to teach them not only why it’s important to have a variety of colors on our plates, but also what will happen if we don’t eat that way.  It’s unhealthy, it will make us sick, and our bodies will suffer if we don’t eat the right foods. 
I’m not so concerned about getting my children to worry about becoming fat.  They are too young to start with body image.  I am teaching them that when they make wise food choices, they have more energy and more brain power.  Forget obesity with my children.  I don’t need my 6 year old worrying about her weight.  She’s at a healthy weight so I’m not going to worry about that part, but you and I both know that eating healthy food in healthy portions = healthy children.  There’s no need to worry because eating right means living well.
Oh and for those following my weight loss journey, I’m down 2 lbs this week for a total of 5.


Traci said...

I relate to the home ownership issue. It's never-ending, especially with older homes like you and I have. I just remind myself that a newer house would have a higher house payment - so it all balances out somewhere.

As for the food ~ I'm so happy you stuck with your plan this week. I don't worry about the weight aspect either, but the health ramifications. The fact that our children's generation has a SHORTER life expectancy than we do is appalling and that's what speaks to me.

Kudos to you for doing your part to reverse that in your own home!

Sarah Farr said...

Hang in there, Rose and congrats on the 2 pounds! That's GREAT!