Pieces of Me

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

See you in Heaven

On our way home yesterday, we were listening to the new Lifeway VBS CD, Saddleridge Ranch.  For a taste the music, click here to listen to the theme song.  Since Cayden put change into our tape deck, every now and then, it becomes possessed and turns itself off.  The ride home, during the middle of a song, it decided to do that.  It was at that same moment, that Hannah began asking me questions about heaven.  I can’t remember the how the conversation began, but I do recall us talking about when we die, what happens to us.  And how do we go to heaven, when we get a grave.  So I brought up the fact that when we do die, our body is buried, but our soul, the part of us that believes in Jesus, goes to heaven and gets a whole new body.  Thjs fact is a little hard for me to grasp myself, so to explain it to a 4 and 6 year old is even more insane, but Hannah remembered the conversation between her and Grandma and went to explain it to Cayden.  They are very excited about their new bodies, and cannot wait to meet people who once had to have wheel chairs but now have new legs, or people who were deaf, but can now here.  They are also excited about being able to understand people who speak in Spanish.  That’s just a little bit of heaven. 
Then our conversation turned towards, to get to heaven, you have to know Jesus.  It amazes me that Hannah really understands this.  I know that last Christmas (2008), she told me that she “said the prayer the Pastor at Park Hills said” during the live nativity, but with myself not growing up with that type of spiritual background, it’s very hard for me to comprehend what that means.  But I know that, although I’ve always been grounded in the church, there was some point in my life where it all clicked.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember that moment, which is okay.  But it is really neat to know the exact moment when it clicked for Hannah.
Our conversation then turned to knowing Jesus, and at this point, Cayden pops in, “You know, Jesus loves the little children.  But his servants didn’t want the children to talk to him.  In heaven, I will get to talk to him.”  Of course, I interject that that was in the Bible and that Jesus did have the children come and talk to Him.  And now, we can talk to Jesus when we pray, etc.    Hannah and Cayden continue to have a conversation all about being Jesus’ friend and meeting Him in heaven.  How neat that will be.
And then, Hannah and Cayden start to talk about who they will get to meet in heaven.  Hannah tells me, “Mommy, when I get to heaven, I’ll get to meet Mary!  And Hannah!  And Samuel! And PapPap!  And Granny and Grandaddy!  I just can’t wait.”
At this point, I’m crying.  Not only because my children love Jesus and that’s just awesome, but also because they are not only remembering the loved ones we’ve lost, but looking forward to seeing them again.  And then the moment that completely makes me lose it, Cayden pipes in with, “And our two brothers!  I will get to meet my brothers that are in heaven!  And I will get to play with them, and it will be so fun!” 
You see, many years ago, before Hannah, I had two miscarriages.  Although we’ve never really talked about what these are with the children, we do have two ornaments for our tree in honor of them, and so each year, the kids see them and are reminded of them at Christmastime.  And although we don’t talk about it or dwell on them, my children know they have siblings in heaven.  And they love those siblings.  So I guess they are right, we will see so many people in heaven.  And it will be wonderful.