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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Behind on Blogging, but Not on Life

Wow!  It’s been over a week since I blogged.  In fact, the last time I sat down to work on the computer has been for work or more work (photography).  I’m excited that I’m doing so well with the photography.  I’m learning what type of photographer I am.  I’m a relational photographer.  If you want a photographer who not only takes photos of you and your family, but also want someone you will continue to have a relationship with, then I’m your girl.  I am loving the friendships that I’ve made from continually photographing the same families.  In fact, just this weekend I was able to photograph a beautiful newborn and her family – one of my very first customers.  Mom was pregnant when I took their photos in November/December, and now, they have a newborn!  I’m honored they contacted me to shoot this darling little girl.  I will share more as I am given the go ahead.  So there’s my little plug – I’ve ventured out into the world of photography.  I’m continuing to build my skill.  I’m continuing to learn.  And I’m eager to begin taking classes at ACC towards an Associates of Arts in Photography.  I’m excited about this new journey.

Of course, this new journey will be one class at a time.  One semester at a time.  It will probably take me forever, but I will learn more and more along the way.  I’m stoked.

And along with this journey, I continue my personal weight loss journey.  How ironic that I’m watching the Biggest Loser right now as I type this.  What an inspirational show.  I have to admit it, I have a HUGE crush on Darius – don’t worry, Stephen, he’s a little young for me, but I hope takes it all.

Back to my personal journey.  It’s just that.  And it’s a long journey.  And in a few more weeks, my workout buddy will be ready to kick my butt.  But right now, I’m loving all the baby love I get from her little new born, Ella Mae.

What did we do last week?  I’m actually 2 weeks off. 


Hannah participated in her 1st Piano Recital, playing Silver Skates.  She did a fantastic job, stumbling in the beginning, but finding her place and making everyone who was there to see her play proud as can be.  Hannah’s 1st grade teacher made it out to the recital.  That made Hannah’s night!  I can tell you!

Hannah at the piano
001 copy

Hannah and Ms. Martha – the world’s best piano teacher

010 copy


Back in April, Hannah begged me to nominate her teacher, Mrs. Branch, for the Krispy Kreme Teacher of the Year Award.  And so I did.  I wrote a 250+ word essay explaining why I believe Mrs. Branch should receive this award.  We got the news that Mrs. Branch was awarded 2nd Runner Up in the contest of all teachers across the Austin Area.  We were pretty excited and proud about this moment.  And Mrs. Branch couldn’t have been more surprised!

She was the only elementary school teacher to receive the award and amongst two middle school teachers.  Mrs. Branch received a goody bag of items from Krispy Kreme as well as a cash prize. 


And of course, she was able to enjoy a Krispy Kreme Donut!


Thank you Mrs. Branch.  You have made 1st Grade an amazing year.  We are blessed!


Then I celebrated the upcoming birth of a sweet friend’s baby girl.  Jennifer and I gave Cindy a small Baby Shower on Friday.  It was lots of fun.  Cindy was able to relax and spend time with some ladies who love her very much.  I’m glad she enjoyed herself.  I love you Cindy!  And again, an AMAZING cake by our good friend and cake lady, Cindy Hunter!  Let me know if you want her contact information.


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There will be another blog coming soon. . . . one about Mommies, Carnivals, and Allergy Testing.

But for now, my head is saying, sleep.