Pieces of Me

Monday, May 3, 2010

Look, Mom! No cavities!! But I still have allergies.

My children had a visit to the dentist this afternoon.  Their appointments went well.  We’ve been working really hard on brushing and flossing twice at least once a day and using Smart Rinse regularly.  I think I’m actually going to schedule in to brush their teeth and set a reminder.  I don’t know what it’s so hard for me to remember to brush their teeth.  I remember to brush mine.  So frustrating!  Regardless, we will be focusing on brushing teeth and keeping them healthy.  It was so nice to go into the dentist office and leave knowing that my kiddos have healthy teeth and gums.

Hannah still has the cavities she had before, but we are working on not getting any new ones (and have finally scheduled the last of the treatment for the previous ones).

Cayden has “perfect teeth.”  He was such a big boy today.  Not just a cleaning, but also x-Rays.  3 out of 4 x-Rays isn’t bad for a little guy whose mouth is so small that at age 4 we have already been told to prepare for braces.

Of course, braces are something that are inevitable for both my children.  Stephen and I both not only had braces, but also had teeth pulled in the process.  And they both have inherited our small mouths.  And Hannah’s treatment will start this summer.  Now I just need to find an orthodontist and new general dentist (for everyone but Cayden) since she has reached the age limit that our insurance covers for a pediatric dentist.  I’m super sad about this because Dr. Raymond has been amazing, but he will continue to see Cayden so hopefully at least one of my children will be cavity free for their childhood.

And although we are losing a dentist, we have incredible insurance so treatment and braces are not going to break our bank.  This is wonderful news since to this day I can hear my mom tell me about how much my beautiful teeth cost her. 

Now that I know my children have healthy teeth, I can start to focus on what caused Cayden to have a terrible allergic reaction last week.

church picnic 027 copy

We visited the allergist this afternoon.  Dr. G. has narrowed his reaction down to a few possibilities:

  1. Grass
  2. Trees (Pecan)
  3. Strawberries

I am really shocked at the strawberry suggestion, but since Cayden was allergic to strawberries until he was 2, Dr. G seems to think that they have resurfaced.  And the only reason she thinks that is because 30 minutes prior to his reaction, he had eaten some strawberries.  And we haven’t had any in our house (because I haven’t made it to the store to buy them) since.  I don’t know how much I believe in this theory but next week, we shall find out.  My sweet boy will be tested for 19 environmental, 7 foods, and 2 fresh foods (strawberries and tomato).  Of course, as we entered the doctor’s office, he had this request for the nurse today, “No shots, please!  I got two and two (two in each arm) for my birthday.”  They thought he was darling and informed him that this time no shots, but next time, there will be some pricks (and stickers to go along with them).  He seemed okay.