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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Move Over Miley Cyrus, YOU are a terrible influence

Hannah Montana.  My sweet 6 year old has been infatuated with this TV personality since she was 4.  2 years of listening to her music, watching her TV show.  2 birthday parties, 2 movies, 2 CDs and tons of Hannah Montana paraphernalia. 
I admit it, Hannah Montana is cute.  Annoying, but cute.  I enjoyed watching the TV Show with Hannah and know all the words to all her songs (due to listening to her in the car). 
I am sad to see the Hannah Montana world come to a close.  Just like Lizzie McGuire, these TV Personalities must grow up and move on.  I get that.  What I don’t understand is these TV Stars who have millions of little Mini Me’s (the average age of a girl at a Hannah Montana concert is 8-9) running around imitating them who then turn around and become the exact opposite of who they have portrayed for the past 2-4 years. 
I’m so happy that Hannah only knows that Miley Cyrus plays the part of Hannah Montana.  She hasn’t realized that there are Miley Cyrus songs and CDs.  Ok, she knows the song, “Party in the USA,” because I like to sing it.  It’s a fun song. 
But I’m disappointed.  Really?  Has your life really come to this?  Your music?  Your personality?  First of all, you’re not the first.  You see, when I was in High School, there was this show called the New Mickey Mouse Club.  From this show came the Boy Band, NSync which Justin Timberlake was a part of, several pop artists, including Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (BTDT, Miley), and the actress Keri Russell.  Of those names, I only have the upmost respect for Keri Russell.  She is one person who did not take her influence on little girls and turn into trash.  Sorry, I call it like I see it, and what Miley Cyrus (and the aforementioned artists) is doing is pure trash. 
And I’m angry.  Unfortunately, I will have to break my daughter’s heart and tell her that we won’t be buying any Miley Cyrus CDs or supporting her on Disney (after this summer).  And now, I will have to sit and watch every single episode shown with her in fear that they will play this smut during the commercial breaks.  
Here’s the trash

At least I still have Taylor Swift, right?  And Hannah knows the words to nearly every song! :)


Sarah Farr said...

Ew...little baby Brittney. How long will it be until Miley is hanging with the Brittney's and Lindsey Lohan's of Hollywood. Why do her parents think it's ok?? She is still just a kid.

Traci said...

I have pondered over this post for a couple of days now . . . and while I understand your frustration, I completely disagree about this one!

I don't have any problem with her "growing up". I don't think it's healthy for our kids to be so "hooked" on ANY of the stars - and I don't think it's fair that Miley (or the others) has this "job" of being a role model to kids. That's the job of parents, teachers, church leaders, coaches, etc. Not their favorite TV stars.

My prayer is that Miley does this transition gracefully and is mindful of the repercussions on herself. I personally have never been a fan. Hate the show, her singing is sub-par. I enjoy some of her songs because they are cute and fun - and the Hannah Montana movie was cute. But I can handle her falling out of the spotlight!

No offense intended ... just my opinion :-))

Jenn said...

I have ALWAYS been utterly annoyed with Miley/Hannah Montana. Aside from her trashy smoker-hag sounding voice, she is WAAAAY into HERSELF...and she doesn't seem gracious or humble--EVER! Not to mention the awful, childish things she has said and done on the record (smutty text messages, half-dressed sexy photos, gossipy mean-spirited videos on youtube, making fun of Demi Lovato). I think she is a little ungrateful TRAMP, and just like Britney, I feel SO SORRY for little girls these days with role-models like these. And goodness, don't even get me started on the Disney channel, or the Disney corporation, for that matter...seems like it's become a breeding ground for little tramps and over-sexed, disrespectful tweens and teens...Seriously, don't get me started.
Like you said...at least we have Taylor Swift.