Pieces of Me

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Racecars Meet the Dollies

Racecars meet the dollies is something my children play quite often.  Hannah wants to play dollies (Barbies and Princesses), and Cayden wants to play with his cars.  They both want to play together, so they gather up the cars and head to Hannah’s room to play this time consuming activity.  They will play together for a couple hours with no fighting.  It’s too cute for words and great for the mommy who is busy cooking dinner or cleaning, laundry, etc.
This Spring, Mammaw won tickets to Disney on Ice from our “Positive Listening” Radio Station, The River – it used to be 102.3 but is moving to 105.9.  Anyway, mom signed up and within a few hours had received a phone call regarding the tickets.  I went to pick them up – a family four pack – It was decided that Mammaw, myself, Hannah, and Cayden would attend.  The themes?  CARS, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and the Tinker Bell Fairies.  The racecars and the dollies came to life on ice and both of my children were in complete awe of the show.  It was a fun afternoon spent, and great time with Mammaw.