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Saturday, May 1, 2010

So much for commitment

Well, my commitment for not eating out ended yesterday.  And has restarted today.  I’m angry with myself for giving in to temptation, but I’m cutting myself some slack because I’ve been sick.  Yesterday was a busy end to a busy week.  I made it all week without picking up fast food.  I’m angry that I allowed myself to be talked into eating out, but what’s done is done.  I haven’t even gotten on the scale this week at home.  I went to the doctor yesterday morning and I had stayed the same.  I may check tomorrow, but today I’m just trying to get through the day.

This week we had the church picnic on Sunday.  Pretty easy to stick with the program and commitment.  We eat yummy homemade fried catfish, fruit, veggies, and a little dessert.  I didn’t over eat; I made good choices.  All while my sweet boy was having a horrible allergic reaction to something in the air.  After lunch, we headed home, bathed him, and gave him Zyrtec (generic).  He responded well and has been fine every since.

church picnic 024 copy church picnic 027 copy

Monday was Hannah’s field trip to the Dinosaur Park.  Fun place.  We packed our lunches and water and headed to explore the brave unknown world of dinosaurs.  Fun day.  We also got our A/C fixed and shopped for Cayden’s birthday party.  Hot Dogs for dinner.  Hebrew National, of course, the only kind of hot dogs, I eat.  LOL

dino park 016 copy dino park 051 copy dino park 085

Tuesday was a long day for us.  Cayden’s 4th Birthday, the Noah’s Ark Spring Program and Carnival (which I am the director of), and then Cayden’s Birthday Party.  Not going to go into the crazy insane time we had at the party as far as preparation and things at the location, but the kids had a great time and the party was a success.  Hot dogs, again, chips, veggies, and hummus as well as cake.  Did I mention that there was no cake left after the party?  Hallelujah!!

Carnival Train

063 copy 066 copy

Cayden’s Birthday Party

081 copy 083 copy

103 copy

Wednesday was a bit slower for us.  Thursday, too.  Hannah and I came down with a cold of some sort and stayed home.  Mine turned into bronchitis.  After a trip to the doctor yesterday morning, I am on meds and the road to recovery.  Of course, yesterday was also the Popcorn Party for Box Tops at Hannah’s School, Dance Recital Photos, and Hannah’s Piano Recital.  Photos of those events to come, but with my not feeling well, and having to run from place to place, we had dinner at Red Lobster.  Hannah and I split shrimp and crab legs, asparagus, and salad.  So at least it was healthy, right?

My recommitment starts today.  Menus to be planned and groceries to be bought – of course, that’s after celebrating Grandma’s birthday this afternoon at her house.


Sarah Farr said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, Girlie! You are making good choices. I have read so many things that say you should allow yourself to eat what you would like within reason one day a week. That way, you aren't depriving yourself and you learn to look forward to that day and pick those foods carefully! Happy Birthday to your sweet little man and congrats to Hannah on her piano recital!