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Thursday, June 10, 2010


This year Hannah took a ballet class at DanceXplosion in Austin.  Each Friday we would head to dance class where Hannah learned the art of Ballet from Arabesque to Plie along with Barre work.  At the beginning of the year, I worried that she takes after me and has no rhythm or skill when it came to dancing.   Hannah complained about the Barre and really only looked forward to seeing Darby and Kate.   Even mid year I was worried about how we were ever going to make it through the dance year and be ready for recital.  She was clumsy and unfocused and just seemed uninterested.  I gave her the option of quitting ballet because it seemed pointless to me to make her do something she didn’t enjoy.  I didn’t realize the discipline she was gaining from the experience.   She insisted that she liked ballet and really wanted to continue attending class.

Around Spring Break, I asked Miss Tiffany if we could video tape a rehearsal with her actually dancing along with the girls.  And each week, Hannah actually practiced.  Then I asked if we could have a copy of the song for her to practice along with.  At that point, Hannah informed me that she wanted to perform her recital dance as a solo in the school talent show.  And she began to practice daily at home.  And when recital time came around, she was not only ready, but also graceful.  Hannah looked like she belonged on the stage.  Miss Tiffany worked really hard with her “ballerinas” to not only instill the knowledge and skills they would need to perform, but she also somehow inspired my daughter to actually become a little ballerina – and a good one at that.  Stephen asked me after the rehearsal, “Is it just because I’m her dad, or is she really good?”  That’s the first time he’s even shown an interest (outside of being the proud father) in her learning ballet.  And you know what?  She is. . . really good, and I am really proud of her!

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