Pieces of Me

Monday, June 14, 2010

I was warned

I wanted to start running again.  I can’t say I was excited about it, but I was determined. 
New running shoes?  Check. 
Black Eyed Peas Album on iPod?  Check.
RunKeeper on iPhone updated?  Check.
Dog in tow?  Up early enough?  Check.  1/2 check (it was really too late to run).
At 8:00 am on Sunday, June, 13, I headed out for my 1st run since April.  My 1st real run.  Not just me running to see if I can go a mile.  But a full on, warm up, workout, cool down on a new route. 
I felt empowered.  I pushed myself to actually run faster than I have before.  Usually I stroll.  Not yesterday.  I pushed myself on the runs, and even on the walks.  Until I got through the workout.  And realized I still had at least 1/2 a mile to go before I got home.  So instead of heading home, I decided to take the long way.  I trudged along.  And I mean trudged, sometime walking only 2 mph. 
But I made it.   2.1 miles around the neighborhood.  In 36 minutes.  I was proud of myself.  Proud that I pushed myself that hard.  Proud that on my first day out, my time was actually decent.  Not great, but certainly better than it had been in the months prior.
The heat got to me.  My head started pounding.  That I could handle.  I pushed my water and drank a little caffeine.  And made it through the day.  I took, not one, but two, hot showers yesterday, impressed that I wasn’t hurting.
And then it hit me.  At 2 in the morning, my entire body freaked out.  My legs were aching, my feet were killing me, my back locked up, and I was starving.  I took some motrin, drank a glass of water, and forced myself to go back to sleep.  I woke up. . . it was 3 am. . . back to sleep. . . up at 4, 5, and 6:30.  Finally deciding sleep wasn’t going to continue, I got up at 7:30 and started on dinner for the evening and getting ready for the day. 
Sent a message to my running buddy, Traci.  She called me and said, “Don’t just sit today.  Get moving.  Walk around.  Don’t go for a walk, but stay on your feet.”  I had plans all morning so that wasn’t going to be difficult.  When we got home, Crystal came over for lunch, and we hung out.  She left, and I decided to mow the backyard.  Took me longer than usual, but I got it done.   When I was done, I came inside to check my email. 
I make one mistake. 
I sat down.
And got stuck.  It took me a good 10 minutes to get my body up.  Literally.  Not just sat for 10 minutes.  Get UP.
But I was warned.
And I’ll go running tomorrow morning.  This time a little earlier (okay 1 1/2 hours earlier is the plan.  We’ll see if that works out).