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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Poolin’ Around

This July we set up a pool in the backyard.  Several years ago, Grandma Liz bought a pool on clearance in the off season for $25.  This was back when we lived with them.  During their move, the pool got shoved into the corner of our garage and was essentially “lost.”  When summer came, we searched high and low for this pool and could not find it.  Our garage looks like a storage unit with boxes stacked in the far corner.  For some reason, I was digging through the garage looking for baby things (a friend just had a baby) and stumbled across the pool.  It took us a couple months, but we finally got the pool up at the beginning of July, and life at home this summer has been so much easier.

We still go out and play with friends, but most mornings (and afternoons), the kids are in the pool, just having a blast.  I’m so thankful for the swimming lessons we enrolled Cayden in at the beginning of the summer.  I’m thankful that Hannah was able to practice swimming a few times.  And now, both kiddos are fish who just love to hang out in the pool.


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And I must admit that after a morning run or just on a hot afternoon, it really is nice to be able to cool off in the pool.  I was a little nervous about how much work it would be, but thanks to a good friend, we are able to work out the logistics and maintenance of the pool care without spending a fortune.

And it’s super fun to have friends over.  The kids love it.  The grown ups love it.  It’s just worth it.  Stephen is already talking about an upgrade for next summer.  I think he’s a little crazy, but hey, he love it, too!


amanda said...

That looks like SO much FUN!!

Traci said...

A) I can't believe how RED Cayden's hair looks in that picture!

B) I told you it's fun!!!

C) What kind of upgrade are y'all looking into? I want an in-ground ... badly!!! But alas, that costs money --- which I don't have! : )