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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Journey to Goal - Weeks 1-4

On January 21, I made my way back to a Weight Watchers meeting.  Since October, I have been working really hard on eating well and exercising.  I even joined a gym.  I lost a total of 7 lbs on my own in three months.  Sounds like a lot, but in reality, it wasn't enough for me.  I heard about the new PointsPlus plan, talked to my doctor about nutrition, and decided to give the new plan a try.  I have done something to my left elbow (it's either tennis elbow or a torn/injured radial something or another).  After a couple weeks on Celebrex, several trips to the doctor, and a shot of cortizone, it's still bothering me.  But I was told to only do aerobic activity.  That being said, I love to run outside (not that I have done so recently), so I put my gym membership on a 6 month medical hold, and headed back to WW (with best friend in tow - thanks, Crystal).  Although I'm not crazy about my leader, the Friday morning meeting is the only one that works for my scheduled.  And in the past month I have lost a net of 4.8 lbs (it was 6.8 but I gained a little after not tracking 100% or following the good health guidelines).  But I'm back on track now.  With a total weight loss so far since October of 11.6 lbs, I am 3.4 lbs away from going and getting the first part of a tattoo I have been wanting for a while.

At WW meetings, you get a little goal star sticker for every 5 lbs you lose.  I decided many years ago that I want to get a small daisy tattoo for every 5 lbs I lose.  I'm going to go every 15 lbs and get three added until I have 12.  My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 60 lbs - possibly more, but I want my weight to be back to what I was before I got pregnant with Cayden.  I was at goal and remember being so happy with life because I was healthy.

They also have "rewards" they give you based on goals they set for you.  The first time I did this, you got a key chain at 10% (which I carried all these years until it broken this past november), a magnet at 25, 50, 75, 100 lbs, and little charms for 16 weeks, goal, life time.  This time around, I'm not sure what all the rewards are, but you do get a different sticker for different things.  And at my 2nd WI, I hit my 5% goal and got a special sticker to put in my reward booklet.  Let's celebrate!!

I have outside support from my meetings, my hubby (who will probably also reap the benefits of WW eating), and two of my best friends, Modesty and Crystal.  I know I can do this.  I watched myself lose 6.8 lbs before thinking I could work the system.  Matter of fact is, you can't work eating healthy.  You either do it, or don't.

Thankfully, I have 29 points a day and 49 weekly points (I'm sure I'm not using the correct WW terms, I'm still learning this new plan).

Here's to an awesome week!  I'm looking forward to checking in on Friday!


Sarah Farr said...

I know so many people that swear by Weight Watchers! I know you can do it! You are a strong and motivated person and you WILL do this! Looking forward to reading about the journey!