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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 8

At the meeting this week, we got our little “Weight Watchers Weekly” Pamphlet.  On the back on these are ideas, challenges, tips for us to use throughout the week.  This week we are supposed to find a photo of ourselves at a weight we loved and think back.  This isn’t hard for me to do at all.  I can vividly remember being at a fit and healthy weight back in 2005 because becoming pregnant with Cayden.  And I’m so ready to be there again. 


I’m supposed to reflect on what I was doing, how I was eating, my activity, and lessons learned from experience. 

  1. I was faithfully following the WW Program at the time.
  2. I was eating well.
  3. I was swimming nearly every day (so yes, I was more active)
  4. Lessons learned? Below we will explore some of those lessons, but it all comes back to Weight Watchers Works (I’ve been saying it for years).

It’s been 8 weeks since I started attending Weight Watchers meetings again.  In 8 weeks I have been really inconsistent in the weight loss area.  I lose a few, gain a few, lose a few, gain a few.  I’m praying that the cycle has ended for me.  This week I weighed in and lost 1 of the 2.2 lbs I gained last week.  In 8 weeks, I’ve lost 4 lbs.  That’s not very impressive, is it?  But it shows me that when I follow the program, I lose weight.  When I pretend to follow the program, I don’t lose weight and possibly gain.  It’s that easy.

The meeting this week was really good.  There was a member there who was struggling with her journey download.  She has hit a point in her journey where she is now the lightest she’s been in her adult life and she’s afraid of the next phase.  And she’s been at .5 – 1 lb from her first 10% goal for a few weeks now. 

What does that tell me?  It tells me that she hasn’t been on program for the past few weeks.  And it reminds me that I have not been following the program as I should.  I am so known for following program, having a good loss, pretending to follow, gaining, following program, having a loss, etc.  But this week, I’ve realized that in order for my weight loss to be consistent and real, I have to follow the program.  I can’t pretend I’m following the program and expect results. 

The past week wasn’t difficult by any means.  In fact, I planned out my week in writing, planned out our meals, and actually stuck to it.  Two days were a little off, but only because #1 – Hannah got her cast off on a day that I worked so so getting dinner ready was nearly impossible.  We ordered pizza on that day.  And #2 was a day we ate leftovers.  I stayed within my Points Plus target, and saw a nice loss on Saturday.  I cannot wait to do it again this week. 

My menu is as follows for the week.  And this time I remembered to plan for things like meetings, etc.  I’m not usually a calendar, planning person.  But seeing how much easier it made life has made me a believer.  I’m sticking with Hungry Girl meals this week and one from Green Lite Bites. 

Sunday Meal: Leftovers – Taco Meatloaf

Monday: Hungry Girl’s Chicken la Fea w/ Green Beans (2nd Recipe on the Page)

Tuesday: GLB’s Pasta Pumpkin, Sausage & Spinach (Didn’t get a change to make this last week)

Wednesday: Hungry Girl’s Not-Your-Mom’s Tater Tot Casserole (I made add some cheese to this in some way)

Thursday: Work all Day, Hannah has piano, I have a PTA Board Meeting, and Cayden’s Pre-K Performance.  We will be eating out today.

Friday: Hungry Girl’s Loaded Hot Dog Casserole – I’m not too thrilled about this one, but it’s worth a shot and I know the kids will eat it.

Saturday: Weigh In Day :)  Joslin’s Art Auction Spaghetti Dinner

So there you have it!  I have a feeling that all this planning is what is going to make me stick to THE Plan.  I know I can do it.  And I’m happy to be here for anyone who needs meal ideas and a little inspiration :)

It’s also time for me to step up my activity level, even if it is just going for a brisk walk in the evenings for 30 minutes.  My goal this week is to do it at least 3 times this week (although I’d love for more). 

I am thankful for those in my life who are actively pushing me to continue on my journey.  I have several friends and family members who are absolutely amazing.  Although I know I could do this on my own, it’s so much easier with those who love me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 7 – Weekly Dinner Menu

Spring Break is over, and so is my week of eating poorly - heavy on the junk.  I just couldn’t get focused this week and it totally showed on the scale with a gain of 2.2.  But I’m not going to let that define me.  In fact, it has me even more determined to make it up this week on the scale.   But although I knew I was going to have a gain, I made myself face the scale at my weekly weigh in (although I totally slept through the meeting and got there late).

I’m 3.6 lbs from a 15 lb weight loss and I am bound and determine to hit it by the end of next week.  I’d like to say this week, but I don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t hit it.  But I’d really like to be down another 8 lbs by Easter.  That gives me a little over a month – if I lose consistently and actually stick to the program, I could find myself 20 lbs. lighter (over all) by Easter!! 

Thankful for my girl, M who has the same goal as me.  We want to treat ourselves to new outfits by the end of April.  It’s totally doable.  Now it’s just time to hold one another accountable.  Glad she has my back!  Excited about keeping in touch with cousin C as she begins her journey to goal.  I’m glad she knows she can call/text at anytime.  I just want to be an encouragement to others.  That is what keeps me on track!

I bought an awesome weekly fill in the blank calendar by Mead.  Filled it out for the week, and am fairly certain that life may actually be easier now that it’s all out on paper.  I have my 1st photo shoot of the Spring this Saturday, and a week full of new “chores” for the kids to try out.  Along with a new rewards system.  Should be a great week!!

My breakfast and lunches are pretty much the same all week – Weight Watcher Smoothie with 1 cup of milk and a banana and then a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones.

Dinners look good for the week:

Monday - Hungry Girl’s Kickin’ Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday – Hungry Girl’s Fiber-ific Nacho-rific Stuff Chicken (I use all bran instead of Fiber One and omit Taco Sauce <—especially because I don’t know exactly what that means)

Wednesday – Hungry Girl’s Crazy Good Taco Meatloaf <-- This is LOADED with veggies

Thursday – The Simplest Slow Cooker Beef Ever (with Quinoa Noodles and a Veggie)

Friday - Pasta with Pumpkin Sausage and Spinach

So there’s my menu.  Not sure if I can post the HG recipes so I’m not.  But I have her first book, although I’m about to send it off to C because I believe she’ll get more use out of it than I am.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ABC’s of Me

Joining the blog world and completing this meme just for fun.  On a gloomy overcast day with a pounding headache and still a couple loads of laundry left, I needed something to make me smile.

ABC’s of me

A: Age: 33

B: Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you hate: Dishes and Putting away laundry

D. Dogs: Three – Pokey, Buster, Sesi

E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast

F. Favorite color: Purple and Yellow

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H: Height: 5’4”

I: Instruments that you can play: Guitar, Piano, Clarinet

J: Job title: Mom, Preschool Teacher

K: Kids: Hannah (7) and Cayden (4)

L: Live: Austin, Texas

M: Mom’s name:  Eileen

N: Nicknames: Rosie, Ro, Sweetie

O: Overnight hospital stays: Both Kiddos, Gall Bladder Surgery in 1997

P: Pet peeve: Laundry soap drips on the washer

Q: Quote from a movie: “Actually, I've always had a rather extensive vocabulary, not to mention a phenomenal grasp of grammar and a superlative command of syntax. I simply chose not to employ them.” Uh-Huh, little Rascals

R: Righty or lefty: Right handed

S: Sibling: Little Sister, Heather

T: Time you wake up: Between 6:15 and 6:45 am

U: Underwear: Yes ?? Bikini ??

V: Vegetables you dislike: I don’t think I dislike any vegetable that I can think of

W: What makes you run late: Not getting up early enough

X: X-rays: I’ve had many from foot to teeth

Y: Yummy food you make: Chicken and Dumplings

Z: Zoo favorite animal: Elephants

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Much Chocolate

Never fails, I take the kids to the movies and I eat 500 calories in chocolate (not sure that’s quite accurate, but it was so much that all I want to eat for the rest of the day is fruit and veggies).  There was peanut butter involved as well – so at least there was some protein, right?

I’m still on the try 10 new foods kick.  I was supposed to do it in a week, but it didn’t happen.  I think I got 3 of the 10 I wanted to try.  Tonight I made Butternut Squash Fries.  So yummy.  I didn’t use as much cooking spray as it says to use, so I’m calling it 0 points instead of 1.  And I ate the entire batch all by myself.  Of course, due to my lovely chocolate indulgence, all I have available left to eat is fruits and veggies. 

Tomorrow I am making Pork Cutlets and Roasted Beets for dinner.  So thankful for GreenLiteBites.

I’m done with my weekly points and it’s only Tuesday.  My goal for the remainder of the week is to actually track everything I put in my mouth.  I’ve really been slacking and I know that the scale will reflect that if it continues.

Made it through the entire week without a soda!  Yay!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 6

This week was a good week for me, personally – in more depth, spiritually.  The Lenten Season started this week and although as a child, I dreaded the 6 weeks before celebrating Easter, now I long for it all year.  I love this time of year – the time for reflection and remembrance of the amazing sacrifice He made for us all.  Not that I don’t remember it all year long, but seeing others around me reflect and doing it together is just uplifting to me.

This week my weight stayed the same.  Although I’m a little bummed, I know why I stayed the same and am quite frankly, shocked, that I didn’t gain any weight this week.  I ate horribly.  And now it is out there for all to see – including my Weight Watchers Leader.  Shame on me!

But that’s okay, about midweek I realized that I was sabotaging all I’m working for and all I am struggling to accomplish.  Early in the week, I was having a “woe is me” moment, and I let it really get to me – emotionally – which leads to me making poor eating choices. 

But a sweet friend, Modesty, swooped in and helped me see that my life isn’t about feeling sorry for myself.  I’m not going into the details, but it involves something I have been trying to change for years and have finally come to the realization that it’s never going to change and it’s not worth my time and energy anymore.  God knows the situation and if it is His will, maybe one day it will be different.  But He certainly doesn’t want me living my life centered around it and the negativity it brings me.  He wants to be the center of my life.  So he sent me an amazing friend who came in and helped me schedule a few days worth of meals (until payday to which we will attempt a week at a time) and show me that I am worth it and there are those around me who think it!

But I digress. I got my week turned around and what could have been a gain, turned into a maintain, and I know I’ll lose next week! But this week, I am determined to not focus on the scale and celebrate the non scale victories in my life:

  • It’s Lent – and for Lent I’m giving up two things – sodas and gossip.  I’ve gone three days without a soda (and three days without gossip).  That’s a big deal for me.  I am addicted to Coca-Cola.  I pray in 40 days, it will be out of my life.
  • It’s Lent – and Stephen has decided to give up fried foods for Lent.  This means that our family will not be eating out or eating as poorly as we have in the past.  And I’m thankful because Stephen is on board to try anything and making a lifestyle change himself.
  • I tried three new foods this week.  I still have several more, but I’m not giving up.  I will get those 10 in!
  • I have officially retried my favorite pair of denim capris and am wearing the smaller size pair all the time!!  Maybe they will become my favorites!!
  • My kids have begun to choose things like apples and bananas for snack over chips, crackers, and granola bars.  This means that I must be making the right choices – because children mimic their parents.

I began a new Bible Study this week – Breaking Free.  I am doing it on my own, but I’m still spending some time in prayer and study each day.  My relationship with the Lord is growing deeper, and this is causing my friendships with others to blossom and grow.  And I am blessed to have those special people in my life!

Excited for life this week.  Planning on getting more active – it’s been a couple of months, but I’m ready to start running/walking again.  And this time, as a family!  It’s time to refocus and remember, if I act the way I want to be, soon I’ll be the way I act. (Thanks, Pam!)  So join me and “show your strengths; shout your successes; you’re braver than you think!”

My Weight Watcher Weekly challenges us to try a little Positive Self Talking this week.  Say to yourself  “I have the tools I need to lose weight.” 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Austin Swimming Lessons

If you haven't signed your kiddos up for Swimming Lessons yet this summer, then this is the post for you.

For the past two years, Cayden has taken swimming lessons with Ms. Cathy of Ms. Cathy Swim Austin.  She is utterly amazing.  When Cayden was just three years old, she had him swimming across the pool UNDERWATER in just 4 lessons.  Last year, we enrolled him in a refresher course, and he was swimming by the end of the 1st lesson.  Now, he just loves to swim!  We will put him in another refresher course, for safety reasons, but he's actually looking forward to swimming lessons with Ms. Cathy.

She teaches a Safety-First Survival Swim Program and swim lessons, which means that any child that can crawl should be able to swim to the side and get out of a pool if they fall in.

Check out her site and sign your kiddos up - if for nothing else, to save their lives in the case of a water emergency!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Journey to Goal – New Food #1

This week’s WW challenge (I guess it’s technically last week’s, but I go to a Saturday meeting) is to try 10 new foods.  I went to the store with this in mind and picked up some Brussels sprouts, some Orzo, Israeli Couscous, some Mango that is what I would call a “hybrid” a mix of a Mango and something else, and whole fresh beets.  I know that’s not 10 things, but it’s a good start.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with 1/2 of the stuff, but whenever I’m desperate for a healthy recipe, I head over to GreenLiteBites, a web site with the goal of posting healthy recipes that not just kiddos will love but also a “picky” husband.  Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m married to a picky eater, but there are some things that he isn’t crazy about and therefore, my kiddos aren’t crazy about.  Of course, there are some things the kids will eat that he won’t touch.  Regardless, my sweet hubby has always been willing to try anything I’ve cooked. 

Tonight we’re having Pork Chops with a Simple Mushroom Gravy and Simply Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  I cannot remember the last time I had Brussels sprouts, but I’m convinced it’s when I was a child, so as an adult, I am accounting this as one of my new things to try this week.  Both of these recipes are husband and kid approved so I’m hoping that Stephen and the kids will look past the mushrooms or the stigma behind Brussel sprouts and be pleasantly surprised with the results.

I was hoping to make it to tonight’s WW Meeting with my dear friend, Stephanie (it’s her 1st weigh in!!!), but it’s just not going to happen.  There’s no way I can get Hannah to piano, cook dinner, pick up Stephen, truck over to the meeting (with kids and hubby in tow since we only have one car) and come home for a new daily tradition of a family devotion and have the kids in bed by 7:00 pm.  So unfortunately, Stephanie and I will have to compare notes on another day (maybe over coffee/tea on Friday??? ) Just let me know!

I’ve very proud of myself yesterday who ate one piece of cake and a 1/2 cup of ice cream at our nephew’s birthday party.  I had salad for lunch w/ grilled chicken, and for dinner (with our small group) we had grilled pork with AMAZING green beans (green beans, peanut oil, garlic, salt and pepper – cooked on High heat [Thanks Shannon and Luke] and fruit and a baby croissant.  I think the only problem I had with anything yesterday was soda.  I drank way too much of it.  But that’s okay because I’ve decided that I’m giving up two things for lent – one personal and one physical thing – and the physical thing is soda.  The personal thing is for another blog.  Ash Wednesday is in two days! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 5

After several weeks of gain and  minimal loss last week, I’m happy to say that when staying on plan all photo(6)week long (that that includes eating every one of my 49 Weekly Points Plus) I have had a loss of 1.6 making my grand total of 13.4 lbs.  I’m getting closer and closer to my first trip to the tattoo parlor.  And although the thought of that makes me nervous, knowing that I am so close to losing 15 lbs. makes me ecstatic.   And I did have my new leader give me a 5 lb. star for my book since my first leader didn’t bother to acknowledge that I had lost 11 lbs.  Technically, according to WW, I’ve lost 11 lbs total.  They have my starting weight at less than what I weighed when I started going to the gym.  So my numbers will be a little off (by 2 lbs) in my booklet, but I set it up online to be at my highest weight so that my weight loss includes all weight.  These are the little things that probably don’t matter in the end, but right now at the beginning, are very important to this girl who is doing her best to follow the program.  So I was rewarded today with a 5 lb. star and my booklet feels more complete to me.  LOL

I don’t feel guilty for switching meetings.  I’m actually going to try and go on Monday evenings with my friend, Stephanie, who just joined WW, but for some reason I refuse to weigh in at night so I’ll continue to go on Saturday mornings, bright and early.  If anyone wants to join me, just let me know :)  Those who are close to me get a text at 7:30 am with my WI results.  I’m sure they are thrilled about that.  Hehehe

I’m adding a few pages to the blog – my goals and eventually a pictorial progression of my weight loss.  I did this before on my little free webs page, but I need to do it for current pictures.  I’m also going to add a Weight Loss Progress Page with just my Weigh In information.  Anything that will hold me accountable to you all!

This week’s meeting was all about mixing up your menu  - and the challenge for the week is to eat 10 things you’ve never eaten before.  What do you think I should try?