Pieces of Me

Monday, March 7, 2011

Journey to Goal – New Food #1

This week’s WW challenge (I guess it’s technically last week’s, but I go to a Saturday meeting) is to try 10 new foods.  I went to the store with this in mind and picked up some Brussels sprouts, some Orzo, Israeli Couscous, some Mango that is what I would call a “hybrid” a mix of a Mango and something else, and whole fresh beets.  I know that’s not 10 things, but it’s a good start.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with 1/2 of the stuff, but whenever I’m desperate for a healthy recipe, I head over to GreenLiteBites, a web site with the goal of posting healthy recipes that not just kiddos will love but also a “picky” husband.  Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m married to a picky eater, but there are some things that he isn’t crazy about and therefore, my kiddos aren’t crazy about.  Of course, there are some things the kids will eat that he won’t touch.  Regardless, my sweet hubby has always been willing to try anything I’ve cooked. 

Tonight we’re having Pork Chops with a Simple Mushroom Gravy and Simply Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  I cannot remember the last time I had Brussels sprouts, but I’m convinced it’s when I was a child, so as an adult, I am accounting this as one of my new things to try this week.  Both of these recipes are husband and kid approved so I’m hoping that Stephen and the kids will look past the mushrooms or the stigma behind Brussel sprouts and be pleasantly surprised with the results.

I was hoping to make it to tonight’s WW Meeting with my dear friend, Stephanie (it’s her 1st weigh in!!!), but it’s just not going to happen.  There’s no way I can get Hannah to piano, cook dinner, pick up Stephen, truck over to the meeting (with kids and hubby in tow since we only have one car) and come home for a new daily tradition of a family devotion and have the kids in bed by 7:00 pm.  So unfortunately, Stephanie and I will have to compare notes on another day (maybe over coffee/tea on Friday??? ) Just let me know!

I’ve very proud of myself yesterday who ate one piece of cake and a 1/2 cup of ice cream at our nephew’s birthday party.  I had salad for lunch w/ grilled chicken, and for dinner (with our small group) we had grilled pork with AMAZING green beans (green beans, peanut oil, garlic, salt and pepper – cooked on High heat [Thanks Shannon and Luke] and fruit and a baby croissant.  I think the only problem I had with anything yesterday was soda.  I drank way too much of it.  But that’s okay because I’ve decided that I’m giving up two things for lent – one personal and one physical thing – and the physical thing is soda.  The personal thing is for another blog.  Ash Wednesday is in two days!