Pieces of Me

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 5

After several weeks of gain and  minimal loss last week, I’m happy to say that when staying on plan all photo(6)week long (that that includes eating every one of my 49 Weekly Points Plus) I have had a loss of 1.6 making my grand total of 13.4 lbs.  I’m getting closer and closer to my first trip to the tattoo parlor.  And although the thought of that makes me nervous, knowing that I am so close to losing 15 lbs. makes me ecstatic.   And I did have my new leader give me a 5 lb. star for my book since my first leader didn’t bother to acknowledge that I had lost 11 lbs.  Technically, according to WW, I’ve lost 11 lbs total.  They have my starting weight at less than what I weighed when I started going to the gym.  So my numbers will be a little off (by 2 lbs) in my booklet, but I set it up online to be at my highest weight so that my weight loss includes all weight.  These are the little things that probably don’t matter in the end, but right now at the beginning, are very important to this girl who is doing her best to follow the program.  So I was rewarded today with a 5 lb. star and my booklet feels more complete to me.  LOL

I don’t feel guilty for switching meetings.  I’m actually going to try and go on Monday evenings with my friend, Stephanie, who just joined WW, but for some reason I refuse to weigh in at night so I’ll continue to go on Saturday mornings, bright and early.  If anyone wants to join me, just let me know :)  Those who are close to me get a text at 7:30 am with my WI results.  I’m sure they are thrilled about that.  Hehehe

I’m adding a few pages to the blog – my goals and eventually a pictorial progression of my weight loss.  I did this before on my little free webs page, but I need to do it for current pictures.  I’m also going to add a Weight Loss Progress Page with just my Weigh In information.  Anything that will hold me accountable to you all!

This week’s meeting was all about mixing up your menu  - and the challenge for the week is to eat 10 things you’ve never eaten before.  What do you think I should try?