Pieces of Me

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Journey to Goal – Week 6

This week was a good week for me, personally – in more depth, spiritually.  The Lenten Season started this week and although as a child, I dreaded the 6 weeks before celebrating Easter, now I long for it all year.  I love this time of year – the time for reflection and remembrance of the amazing sacrifice He made for us all.  Not that I don’t remember it all year long, but seeing others around me reflect and doing it together is just uplifting to me.

This week my weight stayed the same.  Although I’m a little bummed, I know why I stayed the same and am quite frankly, shocked, that I didn’t gain any weight this week.  I ate horribly.  And now it is out there for all to see – including my Weight Watchers Leader.  Shame on me!

But that’s okay, about midweek I realized that I was sabotaging all I’m working for and all I am struggling to accomplish.  Early in the week, I was having a “woe is me” moment, and I let it really get to me – emotionally – which leads to me making poor eating choices. 

But a sweet friend, Modesty, swooped in and helped me see that my life isn’t about feeling sorry for myself.  I’m not going into the details, but it involves something I have been trying to change for years and have finally come to the realization that it’s never going to change and it’s not worth my time and energy anymore.  God knows the situation and if it is His will, maybe one day it will be different.  But He certainly doesn’t want me living my life centered around it and the negativity it brings me.  He wants to be the center of my life.  So he sent me an amazing friend who came in and helped me schedule a few days worth of meals (until payday to which we will attempt a week at a time) and show me that I am worth it and there are those around me who think it!

But I digress. I got my week turned around and what could have been a gain, turned into a maintain, and I know I’ll lose next week! But this week, I am determined to not focus on the scale and celebrate the non scale victories in my life:

  • It’s Lent – and for Lent I’m giving up two things – sodas and gossip.  I’ve gone three days without a soda (and three days without gossip).  That’s a big deal for me.  I am addicted to Coca-Cola.  I pray in 40 days, it will be out of my life.
  • It’s Lent – and Stephen has decided to give up fried foods for Lent.  This means that our family will not be eating out or eating as poorly as we have in the past.  And I’m thankful because Stephen is on board to try anything and making a lifestyle change himself.
  • I tried three new foods this week.  I still have several more, but I’m not giving up.  I will get those 10 in!
  • I have officially retried my favorite pair of denim capris and am wearing the smaller size pair all the time!!  Maybe they will become my favorites!!
  • My kids have begun to choose things like apples and bananas for snack over chips, crackers, and granola bars.  This means that I must be making the right choices – because children mimic their parents.

I began a new Bible Study this week – Breaking Free.  I am doing it on my own, but I’m still spending some time in prayer and study each day.  My relationship with the Lord is growing deeper, and this is causing my friendships with others to blossom and grow.  And I am blessed to have those special people in my life!

Excited for life this week.  Planning on getting more active – it’s been a couple of months, but I’m ready to start running/walking again.  And this time, as a family!  It’s time to refocus and remember, if I act the way I want to be, soon I’ll be the way I act. (Thanks, Pam!)  So join me and “show your strengths; shout your successes; you’re braver than you think!”

My Weight Watcher Weekly challenges us to try a little Positive Self Talking this week.  Say to yourself  “I have the tools I need to lose weight.”