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Friday, May 20, 2011

Made to Crave–Chapter 4 “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat before Thinking”

  1. When a friend experiences success with healthy food choices and losing weight, I usually feel encouraged and inspired by her example.  I guess somewhere deep down I feel a tad envious, but for the most part I am super excited for her!  And I don’t think I’m envious as in jealous, if I do have those feelings.  I’m pretty sure I’m angry at myself for not sticking with something and getting the same results.  I am always super happy and encouraged by others doing well.  It helps me to remember that this is real life, and every day people are successful at losing weight and eating healthy.  It’s a lifestyle change that is exactly that, a LIFESTYLE change.  Not some diet that I can follow 1/2 the time and the other 1/2 expect to get the same results.  It’s about changing within, not just changing my body. 
  2. Complete this sentence “I do/do not want to invite a friend to help me on my journey to healthy eating because two are always better than one when it comes to this type of situation.  It’s important to have someone to rely on and call on when frustrated.  It’s always important to have someone to share joys and success!
  3. I have always thought that accountability was crucial to my weight loss success.  I’ve always had friends to lean on when I would hit my lowest point emotionally.  Of course, those people have changed due to circumstances, relationships, etc.  It’s really hard to have an accountability buddy who although she’s been your best friend since high school, she’s already gone down this road and is still at a healthy and ideal weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the support she gives me.  It’s me that feels like she doesn’t understand where I’m at anymore.  And in all honesty, she doesn’t, because she’s not right there with me.  But I still count on her.  I still love her and accept her support.  And I know it’s completely genuine.  As far as making accountability part of my eating plan, I love the fact that at the end of the week, once I’ve weighed in, I can contact C, my cousin who I have decided lives way to far away from me, and just cry out to her in anguish because I really struggled or in celebration because I’m finally understanding.  And the same goes with her.  If she’s had a bad week, it’s much easier for me to say, “Ok, what did you do differently this week?  Where can you make changes?” And the realization come from exactly that – (hypothetically) eating out 4 days of the week and not exercising at all.  Having 2 drinks at happy hour.  Not drinking any water throughout the week.  These choices will cause the scale to fluctuate.  But since this journey began – and I know the end result is to be a fit and healthy person – right now it’s a spiritual journey – and I have to have peace regardless of what the scale says.  And thankfully, I have His grace, because the small gain on the scale, isn’t going to be a huge deal in the long run – as long as I remember to continue to turn to him for strength.
  4. I have accountability buddies, weight loss buddies, and friends.  Their support is what keeps me from just giving up all together.  There are some who are more supportive.  Others who think they are supportive, but they really aren’t, and then even others who are walking right along with me, who come to me when they need encouragement and I know I can continue to come to them as well.  I’m very blessed. What kind of person do I want to be accountable to?  It needs to be someone who will be a consistent rock in my life.  On my good days or bad days, not just someone who want to build me up and say, “Who cares what the scale did this week?  You haven’t really been following the program all that well.”  I need someone (and have someone) who will say, “Okay, so you gained some this week.  Look back at your journal over the week.  What did you do differently?  Did you eat out more?  What did you eat when you ate out?  Were you making good choices?  How about exercise?  Did you find time for that?”  That’s the kind of person I need.  And someone to remember me that I’m not in it alone at all.  And in fact, I cannot do this without Christ.  He’s my rock, my salvation, and will carry me in times when I don’t think I can go any further (like during Sunday’s 5K).  I just have to have open communication lines with Him.  I can’t try and block him out.


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