Pieces of Me

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy


I really wimped out today on my run. I was only going out for a mile, and I'm really disappointed with myself. I can do a mile. A mile is nothing. . . but I wimped out. Now it is crazy Cedar season here in ATX, and instead of running a neighborhood, I thought I would be different and headed to Zilker Park. I didn't want to run the long trail around the lake so I decided to run the trail around the Disc Golf area. Little did I know that they were busy mulching people's Christmas trees in the middle of the field. About 1/2 way through my run, I literally could not breathe anymore and was wishing for my inhaler. I didn't have it with me so I finished the loop (walking) and didn't even make it a mile. So sometime between tomorrow and Friday I have to find time to run a mile because on Saturday I really want to attempt to up my running distance to 1.5 miles. I really think I could do it now, but I'm nursing a killer calf (being treated at the wonderful Dr. Cone's office) and trying to avoid any injury to my ankle, which is hurting because of my calf. I'm happy to say that my hip is doing great and even more so after an adjustment.


ParasiteHost said...

You can do eeet lady!!! I believe in you!!!! Suckage that they were grinding down trees, how defeated you must have felt, and to no fault of your own. :(