Pieces of Me

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whole 30 July 29-August 28

Today begins my 2nd Whole 30.  I completed my first one in March of this year and cannot believe how awesome I felt afterwards.  Life caught up with me, and instead of continuing to eat whole, real foods, I began to poison my body with processed foods that left me feeling tired and bloated.  Stephen and I complete a week of Whole 30 eating together 2 weeks ago, but we got off track on the weekend, and essentially never got back on track.  After 2 weeks of feeling lousy (trying a tiny bit to eat well, but making excuses when I didn’t), I’ve decided to do it again.  For the month of August.  It’s not going to be easy because Hannah’s birthday falls within the next week, but I’m doing a modified Whole 30, giving allowing myself to include honey and bacon (I know, nothing about bacon is good for you, but it is something I feel like I need to “allow” myself to have.”

So that being said, I will blog every day (I hope) to hold myself accountable.  I hope someone will read it and cheer me on while I attempt to take my life back. 

During my Whole 30, I hope to meet some very personal goals.  I got this idea from The Whole Family.  I admire this family so much for doing this together.  My family will be eating what I eat probably 85% of the time because I’m who cooks, but right now, I am focusing on myself before I can focus on my family.  I must take time for myself.  In doing so, I will be able to teach my family.

#1 I want to strength my relationship with my heavenly Father.  I want to spend time with Him every day – in His Word.  I want to continue to learn and discover more about His love and what it means for everyone.  In light of the whole CFA debacle, I want to turn to His word and discover on my own in reference to things I have been told all my life.  I pray the Holy Spirit guides my moments in the Word and my relationship with Christ is strengthened.

#2 I am committing to get at least 30 minutes of exercise EVERY DAY.  This might mean an evening walk with my family.  It might mean swimming in the pool, hiking, whatever.  But I want to be active.  I want to run, but I’m having some calf issues right now, and I know that running would not be good for me.  But I am committed. 

#3 I am going to blog every day.  It may just be a “I made it through the day and didn’t die” post, but I will blog every day. 

These are my goals.  I am ready.  I know I am in His grip.  And so, I am doing this for myself.

“So eat your meals heartily, not worrying about what others say about you—you're eating to God's glory, after all, not to please them. As a matter of fact, do everything that way, heartily and freely to God's glory.” 1 Cor 10:31 (MSG)

PS – I am so thankful for two sweet friends who I know are following my journey, and to one for actually taking this journey with me.  You both mean the world to me.