Pieces of Me

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Half 30? Day 10

 What happened to Day 9?  You don't even want to know.  To be honest with you, I cannot remember that far back in time :)

Well, we hit the road and traveled to Grand Prairie, Texas for a few days.  Hannah wanted to celebrate her birthday with all her cousins, and since two of them live out of town, we decide to take a quick trip to visit them. 
Breakfast was not Whole 30 at all.  Stephen and I held off going to the grocery story so we had absolutely no food in the house.  We got up, grabbed Chick Fil A for breakfast (yes, even me Sad smile ) and a Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher and hit the road. 
Thankfully, that was our only meal out for the trip Smile.  I’m very happy about this.   Cayden had to go to the bathroom around Belton so we stopped and then hit the road again.
I packed drinks and snacks for the road.  We got to Grand Prairie by 1:30 and had a great visit.  Hannah requested Meatloaf Muffins for her birthday dinner, and since we had a full day planned on her actually birthday, I whipped up the muffins that afternoon.  We ate meatloaf muffins and salad for dinner Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  Soo good.
We did take a trip to Peach Berry Frozen Yogurt when I got a teeny tiny bowl of cheesecake yogurt with two brownie chunks on top. 
Overall, this day went really well.  I didn’t give up or get angry because I fell off the “wagon” per say.  I just know that I’m not perfect, and it’s okay Smile.

I am plugging along reading Wheat Belly.  Lots of technical language that puts me to sleep, but I am almost to the "Part 2" section which I think should pick up and be way more interesting (although I have learned a ton about today's wheat).