Pieces of Me

Friday, August 10, 2012

Whole 30 - Day 13 (Mobile Blog)

Today we played quite a bit of catch up. Kids slept in. We still haven't been to the grocery store. But tomorrow morning we go to the farmer's market. I'm looking forward getting some fresh fruits and veggies - mainly veggies, but I'll take whatever local fruit I can find.

Anyway, the kids and I slept through breakfast. And then discovered my keys were inside the van. We couldn't go anywhere to get food so we patiently waited for Grandpa to bring us Stephen's keys. Then we loaded up and went to have lunch with my girlhood best friend, or Aunt Crystal, as my children know her. We don't see each other as often as we should, but I love her dearly and hope to change that situation into a more consistent time together.

I enjoyed a Hippie Chop Salad for lunch. It had grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes, tons of greens and some blue cheese and eggs. I allowed myself to have the cheese and enjoyed our visit.

We came home, and the kids napped. They are so tired from our fun trip. I continued to read Wheat Belly and came across to much information regarding common illnesses and their relationship with wheat. Wow. I snapped photos of this information and shared it with some loved ones. I'm not claiming that wheat elimination is going to solve everyone's problems, but I am convinced that it should be tried if there is evidence of doing so eliminating symptoms. I sent Stephen the sections on reflux and nighttime cravings. He is 100% on board with trying this. My heart is full. He is plagued with these symptoms and very much has a "wheat belly." So do I. But I'm determined to change that. Not by eliminating wheat and replacing it with other foods that are wheat free but still packaged. I'm talking replacing wheat with other grains and seeds, fresh fruits and veggies. I don't want to give a review of the book yet, but I totally see (and this is from my experience) If you eliminate the wheat (which I have done) you only eat when your body is truly needing nourishment proving that when you eat well, there isn't a need for so many snacks throughout the day. You're eating for nourishment, not to satisfy a craving. Therefore, it's really not going to cost more to eat well, because you're eating less often. I know from experience. Our grocery budget had increased slightly, but our eating out budget had decreased to nearly nonexistent (it had - this week is a different story).

Anyway, that's it. I had some grilled veggies and grilled chicken for dinner.

Good to be feeling better. And even with my trip, I was in a pair of pants comfortably today that I haven't worn in years. Every little step is a huge!!