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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whole 30–Day 7

I haven’t logged my food into My Fitness Pal for the past two days, but let me reassure you that I have been eating well.
This morning I had an Island Bliss Smoothie with Sprilina (however you spell it).  I thought this was some huge protein, but I was wrong.  Regardless, I don’t think it hurt me.  Pineapple Juice, Banana, Mango and Papaya – no added sugar.
Our MC met this morning for family time.  The kids spent the night with Grandma so Stephen and I were able to attend and participate more intimately than we have been able to in the recent weeks.  It was a good time.  Afterwards we loaded up and headed to lunch.  The group chose Torchy’s Tacos.  And I know you’re thinking, “Rose, there is absolutely nothing at Torchy’s Tacos that you can eat.”  You know what?  You’re totally right!  So Kalyn and I went next door to My Fit Foods and had Almond Encrusted Chicken Nuggets, Cinnamon Carrots (GROSS) and broccoli.  They even heated up our meal for us.  We took our lunch next door and ate with the others.  And talked.  Really talked.  Kalyn, if you’re reading this, you are amazing.  And an inspiration.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you in the coming months and years.  I love you!
Anyway, Stephen and I then went to Costco to pick up water for Hannah’s b-day party tomorrow and to Whole Foods to pick up the ingredients I needed to make a Paleo Friendly treat for Kalyn and I (and whomever else would like) to have tomorrow at the party.  For a sweet friend who is chugging along great with me this month, I wanted to make sure we were able to have something sweet as well.
I got home, reevaluated and realized I needed to head out to Sprouts to grab some chocolate chips and pick up some “favors” for the kids coming to the party.  The kids were exhausted from their weekend with Grandma so Stephen stayed home, and I got a little bit of time to myself.  It’s so nice to go to the store and just walk around and not feel rushed.  Beach balls will be the favors for tomorrow – only fitting since the party is at Deep Eddy Pool.  Of course, we won’t hand them out until after ice cream cake and cake pops (from MoCakes – yeah, you’re jealous.  I know I am.  I can’t have any Sad smile ).  I am so blessed to have a best friend who is willing to trade photos for cake pops!  Love her!
I came home and made The Spunky Coconut’s Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream.  You will have to scroll to the bottom of the post to get the recipe.  I made the brownies and LOVE them.  Next time I won’t put Sunbutter in them though.  I want a chocolate brownie, not a peanut butter flavored chocolate brownie.  I did not make my own almond milk – who has time for that?  When I made her mint ice cream I did make the cashew milk.  And felt like I wasted a ton because I wasn’t sure about drinking it. 
I had the rest of my Chicken Salad from the other day with some mayo. 
PS TMI– I know I’m eating well because last time I did this, I got my period after the first week.  This time, again, like clockwork.  Good thing mine only lasts about 2 days Smile


Unknown said...

Hehe do you crave chocolate and junk during "that time" like I do? I told myself last month...no junk from outside the house! if i wanted something sweet i had to make it and eat that. lol. and i did ;) im going to have to try the ice cream. i realized dairy makes me really really really break out. its gross. anyways waitinf for more blog post! but i know you've been gone. :) i want to hear a review on wheat belly!!!!