Pieces of Me

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whole 30–Day 8

Crazy day for me.  Got up, made eggs with a whole zucchini and some coconut oil.  Glad I did it because my day got so hectic that all I ate were the brownies and ice cream I made until dinner time.
We celebrated Hannah’s birthday on Sunday.  Her birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but she really wanted to have a birthday party at Deep Eddy Pool so we went ahead and celebrated with family and friends early.  It was amazing.  The most low key and inexpensive gathering we have ever hosted, AND she has decided this is what she wants to do from here on out, so I’m hoping that her birthday parties will be like this all the time.
Worshipped at the Well with our faith family.  If you don’t have a church home, and you aren’t looking for a traditional place to worship, you should join us.  These people really are my family.  Nearly every one of them.  I just love and adore them.  They love my family.  They love my kids.  They love me.  They encourage me to live my life more like Jesus EVERY DAY.  Amazing people.  Seriously.  We’d love to have you.
Worship went a little long due to an amazing baptism story.  I was with the nursery kiddos so I missed all of it, but when your pastor is a professor teaching NT at Concordia and one of his students meets and begins to LOVE Jesus during a college class, you know amazing things are going happen.  So not just one young man, but this young man and his brother were both baptized in Christ yesterday. 
We headed home, grabbed Taco Bell for the kids and Stephen and were originally going to grab Chipotle for me, but loading up started to take longer than I had planned, and since I am a crazy person when it comes to being early I decided to forgo lunch and just deal.
The party was awesome.  We had about 16 kiddos and their parents as well as 10 wonderful young people from our MC Family join us for Hannah’s party.  10 young adults who do not have children took time out of their Sunday – time where they could have been doing whatever their heart’s desires – came and celebrated Hannah.  Boy, did she feel special.  And loved.  And she had a blast.  Especially the children chasing and tackling Mr. Lee in the pool.  Awesome!
Very good time had by all.  My homemade dairy-free chocolate brownie ice cream and brownies were a hit – with those who were willing to try them. 
So were the birthday cake and cake pops by MoCakes.  Giraffes and Princesses – what can I say?
After the party, we came home, changed clothes and went to Jason’s Deli for dinner.  I had a Chicken Salad with apples and grapes.  It was really good – and called something, but I really can’t remember.  It was perfectly Whole 30.  We also ran into some amazing friends and continued celebrating Hannah. (I did have an Olde Style Barq’s Root Beer (Don’t shoot me, I’m being honest).  It was soooo sweet.  But did not have any corn syrup in it.  What I really wanted was a margarita, but I settled on the Root Beer.
We are headed out of town on Tuesday (just the kids and I), but we are going to see Aunt Bekah and she is all about eating like we do so we are going to split the groceries and enjoy some awesome whole and healthy foods.  We are evening taking our own food to the water park on Tuesday.  Looking forward to a super fun and hopefully heart filling trip.
I just got two books from the library today – Wheat Belly and The China Study so look for my opinion regarding the both of them at some point.  And I know I owe a blog on Food, Inc. – which still makes me so angry.  LOL