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Thursday, August 2, 2012


So while I’m continuing my Whole 30 adventure, my friend, Kelly, thought it would be fun to give me a little “homework.”  She has recommended a few documentaries and a few books.  The books are currently all checked out at the library so I thought I would start with the TV.  Last night I watched Forks Over Knives. 

This was a very interesting documentary.  I pretty much have a similar opinion regarding food.  So many people are busy filling their bodies up with packaged, processed, chemical filled foods, and it is KILLING them (myself included Sad smile ).  I, however, have really been trying to change the way we eat for some time.  Our family was doing a great job of it until the accident last year when our world was made chaotic for pretty much an entire summer.  All of our good habits died with that because we were living away from home, trying to adjust to the craziness, and really just get by. 

Once we were back home, I continued to try and change the way we were eating, and really got a lot accomplished, but I was still feeling bleh.  And I was on a lot of medication, mainly, Ambien.  I could not sleep without it.  So my friend, Cindy, started the Whole 30 as a part of her gym membership, and I decided to give it a try.  Give up all grains, added sugar, dairy, and legumes for 30 days.  Would it be hard?  Yes.  Could I do it?  Most definitely.  You can follow my blog posts by clicking on Whole 30.  I certainly didn’t blog all 30 days, which is a shame, but I blogged some.  I got through it.  It was tough—let me tell you.  I was so exhausted the first two weeks that I was in bed by 8:30-9 every day.  But by Week 3, I was off all my medication.  ALL OF IT!  Anyway, I finished my 1st Whole 30 and lost 11 lbs. and was down 1 1/2 pant sizes.  I also learned that I really cannot handle gluten or corn.  At all.  Or Soy (it makes me nuts and hot).  But instead of changing the family’s way of eating 100%, I just halfa$$ed is and ended up putting back on all the weight and ending up back on a sleep aid (Benadryl).  Probably 75% of the time I would eat “clean.”  And the other, I just ate. 

So I decided enough was a enough.  My plan was to get the family eating 90% Paleo by summer’s end.  It’s quickly approaching and while I’m Paleo 100% (ha! for the past 5 days), the kids are probably 85% Paleo.  And I’m okay with that.  They still drink milk (because they love it), and occasionally have bread and a cookie.  But we don’t keep it in the house (we do have milk). 

Anyway all of this was to say that I learned my body doesn’t tolerate things.  And my doctor said I can’t have milk.  I have a Ear, Nose, and Throat sensitivity to dairy.  When I drink dairy, I get sinus infections.  ALL THE TIME.  So I switched to coconut milk and love it.  I never really liked milk – I like milkshakes and ice cream so I have learned how to make a coconut variation.  And they are yummy.

But I digress.  Forks Over Knives shows us how we are killing ourselves.  They say it’s with meat and dairy.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  They recommend a Plant Based Diet, but from all I’m read and researched regarding my body (gallbladder free) and a plant based diet, it’s no bueno for me.  I do agree we all should eat more veggies.  I just don’t know how I would get my protein if I switched to a plant based diet since I seem to have a hard time digesting beans.  That is the one thing that I actually have taken out of my diets – as much as I love them, and see a big difference.  When you don’t have a gallbladder you are supposed to avoid pretty much everything  LOL – fried foods, high fat meats, dairy, pizza, butter, cream based foods, meat gravies, coconut oil (say what??), chocolate, skin of turkey and chicken, whole grain foods, nuts, seeds, legumes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, corn etc.  Seriously, it looks like I can eat spinach and chicken.  Oh and some fruits.  And maybe rice.

But in all reality, I have learned that I do not tolerate corn – which is pretty much in everything.  I have had a Coca-Cola addiction for the longest time, and now that I learned about this – no more.  If I want a Coke, which is rare, it’s a Mexican Coke or Maine Root Cola from Central Market.   And I savor every sip. 

I also don’t tolerate soy very well, and I’m assuming it’s the Gluten that makes my tummy like a rock. 

Anyway, Forks Over Knives looks really awesome, if you can tolerate the food.  I don’t know if I could.  I won’t say that I wouldn’t try this.  Although with my interesting scenario I guess I would eat rice, quinoa and veggies.  Not much protein there at all.

I do believe that the chemicals and hormones that are put in food are leading to obesity and cancer.  I do believe we are slowly killing ourselves.  And for my family, it stops now.  I’m saddened that the government has so much control on what’s “healthy” and okay for our kids to eat at school.  And that it’s ingrained in their brains from the very beginning.  I’m starting to think “God Food” – which is really much like the Paleo Diet.  A plant based diet, too.  If God made it, then eat it.  If man made it, don’t.  Pretty logical thinking.  So hard to do since we are all addicted to the chemicals and crap that makes us crave the processed foods.

At any rate, it was very interesting.  But I still like my meat. Smile


Kelly Sundsvold said...

Love the post, Rose! Yes, if God made it, eat it! Like that motto. Processed foods are killing our nation with diseases. Good for you recognizing that and helping your family be free from it. Paleo, plant-based, or vegan....real food. Find what works for you and stick with it! :)